How Can I Make Money With Adsense?

- Adsense is not a get rich quick scheme it takes hard work and the best thing to do is work on generating traffic to your website and linking not hope to make $20 a day within the first few days. Use directories, add your url to search engines such as google ( and get your website listed in search engines.

Follow this model

just traffic = $
niche and traffic = $$
niche + traffic + ad placement = $$

more ads on a page = $
few ads on a page = $$

If people pay money for keywords obviously those pay more will get a better chance of getting their ads being show, fewer ads means high paying ads will show and mfas eats a$.

The thing with fewer ads is how you place the ad that it attracts a click from the visitor, which is a pain in the crap hole, but once you figure it out and master it, enjoy the mula!

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