Google AdSense Strategy: How to Charge More With Advertising?

Last week we received messages from several blog readers asking me for tips to earn more money with Google AdSense advertising and the truth is that we already have many articles on the subject, but today I give you several tips to create your own strategy.

The fundamental thing is to know the functioning of AdSense: as it shows its ads, why it shows them and the value that the different keywords for which we want to position have in the online advertising market.

I will not talk about the generation of traffic to your blog or website, and there is much information in this and other blogs that we have on that subject, but I want to guide you to a strategy with AdSense.

Estrategia Google AdSense Basada En el Contenido de Tu Blog

The content of your blog is the most important part to really make money with Google AdSense, for this reason you will have to create your own strategy of publishing content if you really want to achieve your goals with this advertising. Your articles should take into account several factors:

1- Original and high quality: Google positions you much better with original content, but that does not mean that you can not at any time publish an article from another website. Third-party articles are published as long as the author of your consent and you should always remember to quote the source with a live link to the original article.

2 - That is relevant: we can see many publications on the Internet 100% and have a certain degree of quality, they are the ones that teach a lot, but nobody cares. Publish only things that have public, this public may be small, but if it is a market niche that you can exploit is sure that you can do better than with keywords of much traffic that you can never position well in Google.

3- Position for well-paid keywords: Your strategy to earn a lot of money with Google AdSense advertising should focus on the publication of headlines with the most expensive keywords for advertisers. I invite you to see what are the best paid themes for Google AdSense and see if they serve your website.

4- Optimize your website for advertising: Google's robots scan your website and take into account several factors when displaying ads. AdSense takes into account the following:

a- Name of the web. If it is not a high-value keywords, do not worry and take into account the following points.

b- Holder of your tickets. I recommend you to put the main keyword at the beginning since it also works for a better web positioning.

c- Headings of the entries and sub-headings. I do not know why, but most do not use the H tags, look at the blogger, where the entries are created and use the functions of header, sub-header and secondary header.

In all these places should be keywords of great value, those for which advertisers pay a lot of money as long as their advertising is displayed. You can do a search in the Google AdWords tool to know the value of a keyword.

Strategy Regarding Ad Formats

If I recommend a specific type of format, I would say that the ones I have on the blog work very well for me, but each web is different. Better I leave you several tips on how to use this advertising.

Remember that:

1- The ads that are placed higher pay better. Above the entries and the other in the column as you see in this blog. Also remember that almost nobody sees the ads at the end of an entry.

2- Google AdSense pays you for clicks and impressions. Recommend several of your articles in each entry and you will have more earnings per impressions.

3- A bad strategy is to send clicks on your ads. In the end, Google pays you for them or cancels your account. What many do not know is that when AdSense invalidates many clicks of a website, its value decreases.

4- Also unsuccessful clicks can make you pay less with Google advertising. The advertiser looks for an action: to sell, an affiliation, suspicion or even a liking, if this is not achieved, in the end he will be willing to pay less.


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