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Let's see today a brief post on Google AdSense YouTube to give you an idea of ​​how monetization works on this platform.

The operation of AdSense on YouTube is similar to that of a website, but with a big difference in terms of the performance of the ads: they pay for CPM, and ads are not shown in all the videos.

This is a big disadvantage for small channels, so if you really want to generate good income, you will need thousands of daily reproductions.

And how much does AdSense Youtube pay? Well as you can imagine, quite little. Of course, if you get a channel with half a million subscribers the thing changes, since Google offers special programs to important partners.

Setting up AdSense for YouTube is very simple. Access the configuration of your channel and in the Channel menu, click on earning revenue.

From there you can link your AdSense account with YouTube to show ads in your videos (in which you must check the option "Get income" each time you upload one).

Another option to earn money with YouTube is to enable the payment content option, which only enables you if you meet the following requirements:

That your account is in good condition.
You meet the general criteria of the YouTube Partner Program.
You have verified your account by phone.
Have your AdSense account approved and linked to your YouTube channel.
You own a channel with at least 1000 active subscribers.
Find yourself in the following countries.
The RPM Youtube AdSense has two metrics: CPM based on reproductions and RPM based on impressions, and can reach very different values ​​if you do not have a channel with consolidated visits.

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