Guide To Earn More With Affiliate Marketing

This method is not suitable for those who are not
willing to spend money on their business.

1- Get a domain name ($9 a year)
2- Get a web hosting ($5 per month)
3- Get an autoresponder service ($18 per month)
4- Choose a niche area. For example business plan writing.
5- Write articles on the niche you choose.
If you cant write, hire people to write, or buy plr
articles, or get free articles from articles
6- Set your autoresponder to post all these articles. One article per day.
7- At the bottom of every article, promote an affiliate product.
8- Write a simple webpage (sales letter style)
inviting people to subscribe to your site.
9- Insert your subscription form provided by your
auoresponder service.
10- Promote your site in PPC search engine eg
Google Adwords (depends on your budget)
11- Wait and collect your commission.
12- Repeat this for other niches.

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