Flippa agrega ingresos verificados de Google Adsense

Flippa, un mercado para sitios web y nombres de dominio, ha agregado una herramienta para verificar los números de ingresos de Google Adsense para sitios web.

Todos vemos sitios en venta que reclaman enormes números de ingresos de Adsense. ¿Pero cómo sabes si la persona está diciendo la verdad? Es fácil falsificar estadísticas. (Ese fue el punto detrás de DNWStats, por cierto).

La nueva herramienta permite a los vendedores de Flippa autorizar a Flippa a enganchar los números a través de la API de Google Adsense. Flippa luego presenta un promedio de tres meses para los visitantes. Los compradores pueden filtrar las subastas para ver solo los sitios con números de Adsense verificados.

Será interesante ver qué efectos tiene esto en el mercado general de Flippa. Pero pensamos que puede ser positivo.

Tips to earn more money with Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the best CPC advertising networks in the world. Google AdWords is used by advertisers to advertise their products and services. With strong competition, advertisers never hesitate to spend up to a few dollars per click and this is the reason why publishers love Google Adsense. Although Google Adsense show high-paying ads, we must make some optimizations and adjustments to get the most out of Google ads. Look for the best Google Adsense optimization techniques in this article.

I leave you these tips to follow:

Ad size selection

The selection of ad sizes that we use on our site is one of the most important factors affecting Adsense's revenue. The best performing Adsense ad sizes are 728 x 90, 336 x 280 and 300 x 600 ad sizes. Among these ad sizes, the large rectangle ad unit 336 x 280 will compete with advertising creatives of 336 x 280 and 300 x 250 ad creatives. Therefore, the large 336 x 280 ad size rectangle will generate more revenue than the 300 x 250 ad size. The same applies to the 300 x 600 ad size that competes with 160 x 600 ad units and 120 x 600

It will be better to choose the adaptive block of response announcements instead of 728 x 90 units. The responsive ad responsive block will show high-paying ad creatives in different ad sizes that fit the ad space.

Ads Locations

Placements ads play an important role in the performance of Adsense ads. Publishers should make sure to place ad units in the highest performing areas. I am using Adsense for 1 year and I have done A / B tests with different combinations to find the best performing advertising spaces.

The placement of ads with better performance places the ads below the title of the article. But it is the job of each publisher to find the best ad size to place in that place. Horizontal ad units work very well in a few places. But the big rectangular ads did the best while testing.

Adsense ads have not been working well in the sidebar. Therefore, avoid placing Adsense ads in the sidebar. This is because most of the ads were not relevant to the niche. But, the affiliate or contracted banners works much better in the sidebar.

If possible, place an ad unit inside the article. There are several WordPress plugins available to make the job easier. Finally, place an ad unit at the end of the article. If your blog has good content, visitors will read the content to the end and an ad below the content could be fine.

Link Advert Blocks

There are many claims that text ad units do not work well. But ad units with a text link double revenue. The text link ad unit works well in most site categories, blogs, web marketing and web design, etc.

Ad units with a text link work well only when they are placed between the article. Now, in Google Adsense you have introduced the answer link unit that is said to perform 40% better than the regular link units according to the data collected by the Google Adsense.

The response link units are great on all devices and is displayed as the menu on mobile devices and performs very well compared to the desktop version. Do not hesitate to check the performance of the link ad units on your website.

Ads with Coincident Content

Matched content ads are like native ads that help us increase revenue while helping us lower the bounce rate and increase page views. In addition, the% CTR will remain in the safe zone.

Matching ad units are enabled for the best performing sites linked to the Adsense account. If the matching content ad is enabled, publishers can use it to enjoy the additional benefits mentioned above.

Additional tips

  • Do not delete advertisers or disable personal ads. This will reduce the competition of advertisers.
  • Increase the visibility of the ad. This will increase the advertising contest for the ad space.
  • Do not place more than 3 ad units per page. You can add more on pages with heavy traffic.
  • Try to customize the colors of the ad to determine which color is best for the theme of the site.
  • Take a week or more to try a combination, nothing will change in a day or two.

How and How Much Money Does Google AdSense Pay For Clicks And Impressions?

Read this post to find out how Google AdSense pays ad clicks and impressions on your blog or website. As bloggers it is convenient to understand the functioning of the monetization system: how much money, forms and dates of payments, etc.

I know that many entrepreneurs in the blogging activity are wondering how Google AdSense pays? And it is logical to think that if we write for our blogs or websites that we have an idea of ​​what is the benefit for our work by monetizing with this online advertising system.

Forms and Amount of Money Paid by AdSense to Sites Showing Your Ads

There are many websites and blogs that are monetized with this advertising system and that do not get good results and that is due to two factors: 1 use keywords that pay very little and 2, are websites with very little traffic and of bad quality.

Google takes into account several factors when paying which is very important to know and with this information to achieve the best results with such advertising. From recommended ad formats, keywords, the number of impressions and unproductive clicks, there is much we need to know about this advertising.

The first thing is that Google pays you a percentage of what it charges its customers and that percentage is: a total of 68% of AdSense for content, and 51% when using the custom search engine, but this can be affected by the registration of unproductive clicks, or rather, those that users give and do not have a conversion.

Advertisers seek that your users perform an action that goes beyond a simple visit, that is: they register, buy something or even a simple one I like in a fanpage and when this task is not achieved, the payments by clicks, can be minors Several webmasters have done the experiment with new pages and see that the same ads pay more in them.

Google AdSense has a record of everything that happens on your website with its advertising and as it gives you such a follow-up you can decide to pay less or more for the clicks obtained on your website. In addition, many ads only pay for impressions, in this case it will depend on how much you are earning with clicks.

AdSense as a Source of Revenue Pays You for Clicks and Ads Impressions

Ads that pay for impressions will pay you revenue based on the value of your website. A cup is established based on what you get on average for the clicks made and only the advertising of the advertiser willing to pay said rate is presented.

Similarly will always be on your blog or website ads that are paying better at that time and that fit your theme. If you choose to work with the most money paying keywords, there is no doubt that the monetary value of visits to your sponsors will increase.

The owner of a blog or any web page, is solely responsible for what you generate with Google AdSense as it has the opportunity to choose the theme for which to base your website and Google also provides free tools to achieve greater profitability.

You Can Earn More According to Your Theme, It Affects the Value of Clicks and Impressions

It is up to you to choose the themes for which you want to write and to determine in this way how much Google AdSense will pay you, it is enough to determine which are those themes that pay better and that fit your website. Within Google AdSense you can see how much you are paying for impressions and how much each click is worth.

A payment system is established that only allows you to charge a minimum of $ 100 and after 30 days of having generated it (they actually pay from the 21st to the 26th of each month, the previous month). The forms of payment vary from one country to another, this way you can charge by means of: a check, a shipment or by bank transfer depending on where you live.

It is important in the application to put all your real data and provide the complete information. This makes it easier for you to approve your account and avoid setbacks with your payments, Google AdSense pays and pays well.

In summary AdSense pays in the following way:

1- 68% of the value of each click in AdSense for content.

2- 51% in AdSense for searches.

3- You are paid for ad impressions (CPM).

4- The minimum amount is 100 dollars.

5- They pay from the 21 to the 26 of each month.

6- Pay by check, transfer or Western Union.

Many will tell you otherwise, but hundreds of thousands of sites all over the Internet world can not be wrong to use this advertising system.